Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kids are wonderful

First of all, if I didn't think kids were wonderful, I would have problems working at Disneyland. Because, well...there's lots of kids. They are all sooo cute. I could eat them up. All the little girls dressed up in their disney princess dresses for their birthday (or just for fun), and their tennis shoes for walking all day. And the little boys who are dressed like pirates, heck even the parents and big sibling dress in their disney apparel. It's grand, it's things like this that help me realize I really do work at the happiest place on Earth!!!
Secondly, I had to talk about my last day in Fresno. We all went and ate White Chili at the Micu's house, and I got to hang out with the kids one last time. Oh how I love Sarah, Josh, Jonathan, Rebecca, Hannah, Naomi and Jael. And oh how I miss them. I mean how can you not love them? Here's nay-nay in her pretty princess dress, which I had to take a picture of, due to the fact that I was headed to Disneyland. So here it is.

Heres another pic from that wonderful last day...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

By Faith...

So, today I was reading Hebrews 11. And wow, I find it amazing how one always seems to read a passage that one needs to read at that specific moment. Now don't think that I mean to say that every passage isn't good to read, because they are. But I love how what one reads on a given day always relates directly to what one is struggling with, or going through on that given day. And today, I needed to read Hebrews 11.

So like I said, I was reading Hebrews 11, which talks all about how all these men and women did specific things "by faith". How "by faith" Noah when warned about things not yet seen built an ark in holy fear, to save his family. The chapter continues on talking about Abraham and Sarah, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and even Rahab.

Well, this chapter got me to thinking about how little I do "by faith" or, how much I take my faith for granted. Here in America as a believer, it's so easy to just blend in. Living in a way that doesn't cross the line of immorality, but coming as close to crossing that line as possible. Here we can be a Christian without living a life of intention, and without having to face persecution. Yet all over the world other believers face daily persecution for their faith, yet they serve the Lord despite those circumstances. So this passage made me realize how I need to live "by faith" more. That I need to sieze the opportunities and freedoms I have more. My prayer is that I can live a life intentional and "by faith". Instead of taking what I have for granted everyday in fear of persecution.

Friday, January 16, 2009

DCP-Nemo:Solo Day #1:God help me!

Well, so yesterday I had my first solo day. It started off pretty well. I jumped in the sub to drive my required 3 cycles. And it went great! I stayed on profile (speed) the entire ride, and parked almost perfectly. Then, I worked on hatches for a few minutes then it was time for my break.

Then after break it all went bad. I got back on the sub for another 3 cycles. But, it was on a sub I hadn't driven before, and well it turns out it's one of the fast ones. So I was a bit faster then I was supposed to be all throughout the ride, and I overshot or undershot my parking everytime.

Then the day finally ended, after 3 more bad cycles. But, then I realized I'd lost my ID card for the park, which I need to get into work. And my debit card. It wasn't a good day.

But I was thankful later, because I had gone to deposit my paycheck early that day, but couldn't because I forgot my debit card. And I'd transfered money to my savings from my checking for rent. So, I didn't have much on my card anyway! I had to thank the Lord for that! He was looking over the situation all along. :) He is so good! So despite my bad day, I tried not to forget that He is good, and that I need to trust him fully!!! And despite my bad day, he drew me closer to Him. I praise Him for that!

DCP Week #1: Training and Day Number 1

So everyone, I thought I'd post an update on my Disney Adventure. I've been meaning to, but haven't gotten around to it. Sorry. So here it is...

So I started training last Friday. This first day was all my Guest Interaction training. Here I learned how to put the SERVICE model into effect, and got to pass out the special Celebrating buttons available for cast members to pass out to guests. I also did some pin trading.

Day 1 - started at 6 am in the morning on Saturday. This was my first day of training on Ride Operations. I learned the ins and outs of the attraction. I got to see the backstage stuff that makes the ride what it is. I learned the many different roles that make up the Finding Nemo team.

Day 2- Driving. Yep I had to learn how to drive the submarines! Yikes! This was so scary!!! And I had to work at 5 am today, so I was a little on the tired side. I was so nervous. But it's not too hard. I spent a lot of the day driving, and learned how to work the hatches. (The entrance and exits for the subs). It was fun, but a long day. However, since I had to go into work at 5 am, I got off at 1:30. And since it was a weekend day, the park closed at 11. So me and my friend Katie went to the park for a couple hours, and went on like 4 rides! It was very nice to finally be able to go to the park!!!

Day 3- More Driving. Yep I drove most of the day today, and had to park (to unload and load) all by myself. It's quite difficult. But my guests still seemed to enjoy the show. Which is all good!

Day 4- This was the day of my P.A (Performance Assessment). So I spent 6 hours with my trainer Millie reviewing everything I learned the past 3 days. The last two hours I had my assessment with another trainer. It went pretty good. I PASSED!!! But parking was still a bit bad. But I am now an official Nemo Ride Operator!! Yay!

Wednesday- I was off! So I went to Disneyland with the roomies! We got a late start, because there was no hurry since we can go for free, and anytime we want. We took a moment to take this picture
So I love this picture!!! From left to right here's how it goes! Me, Mickey, Cassidy(Utah doing Retail), Kelsie(Arizona doing Food and Beverage), Pluto, and Bethany(Hawaii doing Restaurant Busser). We had fun, and yay for no lines!!! So that was Wednesday! Here's a few more of those pictures!

Toy Story Mania! The Best ride ever!!!

Hollywood Backlot in California Adventure

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm now an official Disneyland Cast Member!!!! was my first official (paid) day as a Disneyland Resort Cast Member. But before I go into what happened today, I should probably update you all on the recent happenings. So let's rewind to yesterday....

Yesterday was our first day of orientation stuff, we were really only at the Education Center for about 3 hours. So we spent the rest of the day back here at our apartment. Later in the day, me and my roomate Cassidy decided to go get some much needed shopping done, so we went to Target and bought a few things, where I then lost my phone. Luckily...the guy who found it answered my phone when we called it, and was still in Target, so I got my phone back. Then we went and a bought a few quick things at Vons. While we were in Vons, we got a phonecall from casting saying we needed to come to the office that "we were on the list". So on top of driving in anaheim for my first time, losing my phone, and having to buy new shoes (that I only wore today, and are too small for my feet), I was on "the list". Well long story short...I was switched from doing Entertainment Costuming, to doing Attractions. It was a bit of a bummer, but I'm still excited and happy to be here, so it's all good!

So fast forward back to today...Today was our first day as a Cast Member for Disneyland Resort! EEE!!! Which it was refreshing to know we were getting paid today, since we had to sit in a auditorium from roughly 8-4 going through presentations (orientation stuff). But we did get a tour of the park. That was pretty fun (and exciting since I hadn't been inside Disneyland for two years!!!) So our day ended with us getting our name tags (btw if you come, mine will say Christine and not Katie) which is going to take some serious getting used to! haha. So we then decided we wanted to go to Disneyland for the first time for the rest of the day. However, I would soon learn that I wouldn't be able to enter the park until I get my actual ID (I was one out of a small group of people, who didn't get mine). This was a bit of a bummer, but I know I have time to go again! haha...So I had to take the bus home, since my roomies got in. It was a little sad, but it's okay, I'll go soon enough! But I have training tomorrow, where I'll get my costume and stuff, so I'll update you soon on how training goes! But I have training before dawn this weekend, so that should be fun. Haha

Love you all! Talk to you soon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goodbyes the hardest word...

I keep hoping that as the years pass, and the older I get, that goodbyes will get easier. But everytime it comes time to say goodbye again, it's just as hard if not harder than it was before. And it hurts to know that not only is it goodbye, but that every year older we get, the more goodbyes will come. We all grow apart, and we all have to move on with our lives. So every goodbye is hard. If this doesn't make any sense, it's probably because of the tears that are flowing from my eyes as I type this. Tonight is one of the nights I'm talking about. I'm excited about moving to L.A., yet sad to leave home and my friends. However, I know I can find hope in Heaven when there will be no more goodbyes, and even if there were it wouldn't matter, because I'll be with my Savior, praising him forever!

So you know how I've been waiting for it to sink in that I'm leaving, well, unfotunately now it has. Now that I've said my goodbyes to the people I love the most, and my bags are all packed, it's finally hit that I'm leaving...tomorrow, for 8 months. Who knows what will happen while I'm gone? So much could happen! To all of my friends, I love you so much, and I'll miss you terribly! It breaks my heart to have to say these words, but I want you all to know them. I'll keep in touch! And I'll be posting updates here hopefully weekly, or as much as possible!!! Peace and Love

God Bless

Sweetly Broken

Today in young adult group at church, we sang the song "Sweetly Broken" by Jeremy Riddle. This song is so good, and the words are so good, the message and the glory of the cross! So I wanted to share this song with you all!
To the cross I look,
to the cross I cling
Of it's suffering I do drink
Of it's work I do sing
For on it my Savior both bruised and crushed
Showed that God is love
And God is just
Chorus:At the cross You beckon me
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
Lost for words, so lost in love,
I’m sweetly broken, wholly surrendered
What a priceless gift, undeserved life
Have I been given
Through Christ crucified
You’ve called me out of death
You’ve called me into life
And I was under Your wrath
Now through the cross I’m reconciled
In awe of the cross I must confess
How wondrous Your redeeming love and
How great is Your faithfulness(2x’s)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick to forget...

Last night when I was journaling in my prayer journal, I stumbled across one that I'd written down towards the end of our nonamestan trip. I wrote it on the last Thursday we were overseas, 5 days after missing our flight. So I was ready to go home, and on top of the anxiety to be home I accidentally had deleted my photos from the entire trip. We're talking hundreds of photos here!!! (which I managed to get back thanks to my neighbor's retrevial software). But at the time I was really upset about it, anyone who was on the team could tell you that. Anyway this entry read as follows...
"Please forgive me for remaining to be selfish this week. I've had a very sour attitude about being here this week. And I'm so sorry for that. Lord, also please forgive me for valuing my posessions of my pictures over this trip. I shouldn't be worried about having recorded memories of this trip, all that should matter is this trip itself (and you)."
When I read these words last night, I couldn't believe that I'd written that; but the harder part was realizing how all throughout the trip I had been learning how much I needed to realize the aspects in my life where I idolized other things/people more than my Heavenly Father, who deserves all glory. But what hurt even more was how quickly I forgot this lesson, and returned to my old (worldly) habits and ways. I let what I didn't want to happen, happen. So this is a reminder for when one strays away from an Amazing God, who provides for us, despite our sinful natures.