Saturday, November 29, 2008

I got a dress form!!!

I got my aunt's old dress form!!! Finally! I'm so excited to start building clothes on it! I had it for a whole hour, when I decided to put clothes on it. So I put a dress that the strap is broken on, onto the form, and decided to see what I could do to change the dress up a bit. I found some extra trim, and this is what I came up with!!! I'm so excited about it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight at Midnight

Yes, it's time for a Twilight blog, I know you're all sick of hearing about it, but I don't care. Yes, I'm proud to say that I'm a nerd. I saw it at midnight. Me and Tiff even made shirts, cause you can't go to a midnight showing without dressing up in some way. We arrived at Edwards at 3 p.m. to see many people already forming in the 14 lines that would be showing the movie later that night. We got very good spots in line. I'd say like 10-15 people in front of us. Then...we waited for 7 hours (we became friends with the girl next to us who had no one else with her). After the three of us split a pizza and my sister and Dillon brought us blankets, we waited till 10:00 when they let us in. Then two hours later, the movie finally started!! It was worth the wait.'s my review...

I thought it was quite splendid. I was pleasently surprised. I mean I went in with low expectations, so I wouldn't be too disappointed when it lacked and strayed away from the book. Books, after all are always better then their respective movies. However...this movie stayed very true to the book, yes the plot had a few added moments, and a few scenes were changed slightly. But not many were. The dialogue held very true to the book in that much of the dialogue came directly from the book.

As for the movie itself, yes it had a low budget of $37 Million, so parts of it were kind of bad, obviously. Parts of it were cheesy...but I mean the books cheesy!!! So did you really expect the movie to not have cheesy moments. The acting was alright. The supporting characters known as Bellas friends, were quite terrible actors. However, I do believe that Edwards family was quite splendid. (Plus they were casted brilliantly.) Overall, I quite enjoyed the movie, it made me quite happy, and I mean it's cute, they could've developed the relationship of Bella and Edward more, but I mean they do have 3 movies left to do that!!! So I'll get over it.

P.S. It was better the second time I saw it! And for me that's important, because if a movie is worse the second time, than it can't be considered as good. I prefer second times, because the hype and anticipation is gone. And if a movie is better the second time, that means it's good because it can intrest you even though you've already seen it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

T-49 Days!!!

Till I start work at Disneyland! ^ I'm so excited and literally get more and more impatient every day that passes!!! I know it's going to be crazy but whatever, I'll manage. And I just can't believe that God is blessing me with this opportunity!!! I'm so thankful to be on my way to achieving my dreams!!! It makes me feel old, but in a good way! I feel like a grown up!!! (I know I'm still not though).

So I'm so excited that in 49 days (less than 2 months) I'll be working for the company that I've wanted to work for for years! I still can't believe it!
Dreams can come true!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 years (Decade) Ago...

So, I was watching the SERIES finale of TRL tonight on T.V. It's been running for 10 years!!! It was bittersweet. Old moments, new moments, but one thing remained most clear. How much time has past in the past in honor of a ending I thought I'd blog about what was happening 10 years ago. It's shocking to believe!

But, what's crazy is looking back at what was happening 10 years ago. So here's a somewhat brief list...

1. I was 10 years old!

2. Titanic hit theatres, and became the highest grossing film to date. (Yes it's that old)
  • Wins best picture as long as 10 more Oscars
3. 2 words....Boy bands.

4. We wore what?

I'm pretty sure I had this exact poster on my wall believe it or not...yes yes, even a Christian girl like me, had posters of Britney on my wall!

5. T.R.L Premieres in Time Square New York. Helping out the careers of many artists!

Finding anything else, would require research, and let's face it, is that necessary? But there was an article in the Fresno Bee not too long ago about things from ten years ago returning. So here's a list of some modern things.

1. Boy Bands

2. I am 20

3. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio return to the big screen together in their film "Revolutionary Road"

4. Twilight

5. T.R.L ends!!! *tear* Thanks for the Memories! (How'd you like that Fallout Boy reference?) huh?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Financial Dilemma

I love disney!!! I know that's not a surprise to you all though. But with High School Musical 3 and the Jonas Brothers and the internship. I'm on a disney high right now! I literally cannot wait!!! It's 52 days away, but it's going by so slowly! So I've been filling my time with disney music, and (taylor swift) even though she's not disney, i love her! But that's the extent of what's going on in my life.

The second great thing is...I've been having problems with finances. (I have no money basically) I've been living off getting gas and food, with no extras basically for a while now. But God totally answered my prayers because I stopped by the financial aid office at school on Thursday, to ask what would happen with my scholarship money for next semester. Well, the nice lady checked on if there was a hold which said they had to distribute the money in partial each semester (Half one, half the other). There wasn't, so I'm going to be getting all of next semesters money, within the next few weeks! Which means I have money to live off of til I leave in January! It's such an answer to prayer!

Praise the Lord, for he provides!