Tuesday, August 26, 2008

waiting on God's timing...

This week in the "next steps" on our communication cards at church it asked what is one way we can pray for God's timing in your life. It took all of about two seconds for me to answer this question. I put, Pray for my patience of God's timing for my future life/career goals. Lately, I've been struggling with having patience about the years to come. If it's not one thing it's another. It could be impatient to get out of school, and start my career (which is the main way) or it could be impatient about personal relationships. It could be any of a multiple of things. So, imagine my reaction to this question. It was exactly what I needed to think about, and have been working on since I read it. Isn't it amazing how God reveals things?!? It never ceases to amaze me!

So, this week and the weeks to come I'm trying to work on contentment, and patience. Both would coincide with my needing prayer for patience in God's timing. If I can be content, then patience will come. So I'm working on it. And I am once again amazed at the amazingness of God and his will for my life, that I don't even know about!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


These are a few of my favorite things...

  1. Designer: Vera Wang
  2. Shoe Designers: Steve Madden!! and Converse Shoes ( I LOVE his shoes!!! I own like 4 pairs of them, all bought discount at Nordstroms Rack!!!; and I own like 5 pairs of Converse shoes!)
  3. Books: Harry Potter and Twilight Series as well as the O'Malley Series, and Christie Miller, and The Bible of course!
  4. Comedy Show: FRIENDS
  5. Dramatic Show: CSI and CSI Miami
  6. Reality/competionShow: American Idol
  7. Action/Adventure Show: LOST
  8. Disney Show: Hannah Montana or Even Stevens
  9. Guilty Pleasure Show: Degrassi: The Next Generation
  10. Reality Show: Project Runway
  11. Comedy Movie: Juno
  12. Chick Flick: I really love She's the Man, but I don't really have a favorite
  13. Action Flick: Transformers
  14. Musical: hard one, but probably Newsies
  15. Musicians (celebs): The Jonas Brothers, particularly Joe Jonas
  16. Pop/Rock Band: The Jonas Brothers
  17. Christian Artist: Relient K
  18. Solo Artist: Carrie Underwood
  19. Country Artist: Rascal Flatts
  20. Actor: Shia Labeouf: close second is Leonardo DiCaprio
  21. Actress: Amanda Bynes (she's so cute and funny)
  22. Athletes: Michael Phelps (hands down) and I kinda like Ryan Sheckler
  23. Winter Sport: Snowboarding
  24. Summer Sport: Swimming
  25. Favorite some would say Non-Sport: Dance
  26. Favorite Team Sport: Gymnastics
  27. Clothing Store: Forever 21
  28. Everything Store: Target
  29. Musical Show: Les Miserables
  30. Myspace vs. Facebook: Facebook
  31. Fast Food Resturant: In-N-Out
  32. Resturaunt: Yoshinos or Sweet Tomatoes
  33. Jamba Juice vs. Starbucks: Jamba Juice
  34. Location: L.A.
  35. Theme Park: Disneyland!!!

Other things I love

  1. Awards shows (I'm addicted)
  2. Movies (in general)
  3. AIM
  4. Hume Lake
  5. itunes/ipod
  6. Apple Movie Trailers
  7. Wet-2-Dry Flat Iron

Friday, August 15, 2008

Twilight vs. Harry Potter?

Well obviously there is much hype about Twilight, and Harry Potter has had much of that as well in the past years. Well I must say they are both entirely wonderful in their individual ways and in similair ways!!! I am currently reading the last book in the Twilight series, and I must say I think that Breaking Dawn is quite wonderful. I know many people said they didn't like it, but I love it!!! I'm on team Edward for sure! But Twilight and Edward gives you false hopes for love because Edward is so perfect; but I'm willing to deal with that for the sake of the book. Hehe.

That said, Harry Potter is absolutely amazing as well, but there's some tragic news about the sixth movie! I'm sooo sad, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is now not coming out in theaters till...get this...July of 2009!!!! It was supposed to come out in November! AHHH Now Twilight coming out is even more great!!! Because that, I could not stand! ahh!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

History in the Making

Every Generation has those life-changing or otherwise historical moments that will go down in history. Whether its in sports, or society, or some other reason, these moments define the time we live in. I was just reflecting on the ones that I have already experienced in my lifetime; even at the young age of twenty. So I thought I'd list them here, and give some thoughts on them too.


  • September 11, 2001- (I was in like 8th grade, but remember it like yesterday.)

  • Various school shootings. Virginia Tech, Columbine... :(


  • Harry Potter Series

  • Titanic and Dark Knight etc...

  • Apple-ipods, iphones, etc...

Sports Victories

  • Boston Red Sox

  • Fresno State wins College World Series!!! (Go Dogs!!!)

  • U.S.A wins 4X100 freestyle relay in the 2008 Olympics!!!

  • and of course....Michael Phelps!!! (need I say more? )

It's so wierd to think about how these events will be remembered for many many years, and I lived to experience them. It's crazy! I can't even wait to see what the rest of my years brings!??!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic domination!!!

Michael Phelps is awesome! I love watching him race! I don't even understand how it's even possible to swim that fast!!! But yeah, last nights 4X100 meter freestyle relay was insane! wow! I loved it! I'm so glad I got to watch that!!! Even if it wasn't on till 11:30 at night! Anyway go Michael Phelps! 2 golds down, 6 to go! I know he can do it!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three Words....


Yep, not only do I LOVE the Jonas Brothers (especially Joe); but I love HSM!!! it's amazing. It may be cheezy but I mean most musicals are. How often do you get to randomly burst into song and dance? So, yes...it's true...I love these movies. The first two are great but I'm still so excited for the new one that hits THEATERS in October! seriously can't wait! It's gonna be great! Here's a sneak peak!! AHHH


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FACT #2-The Jonas Brothers Rock!!!

Yes, it's true! I love the Jonas Brothers! And as hard as I try to not like this amazing brothersome known as Kevin, Joe and Nick, (although I don't really try at all) I continue to fail. So what is it I love about them...one cannot count the ways...but...here are a few.

Why I like the Jonas Brothers
  • They can sing
  • They can play the guitar
  • They do back flips on stage!
  • They write all their own music!
  • They sing clean "wholesome" music, in a not very wholesome time.
  • They are really cute.
  • They wear purity rings
  • They are CHRISTIANS!!!
  • Their father/manager is a pastor!
  • They aren't from California
  • They sing
  • They love their fans
  • "Hello Beautiful"...enough said.
  • They have great hair!
  • They give 10% of their earnings to charity
  • They founded the "Change for the Children" Foundation!

So, maybe I'm a little obsessed with them, and I know I shouldn't be. But if you're a friend of mine, you better get used to it. Because I don't think my liking them is going to change anytime soon. If you're interested in them, you should go listen to them! I would recommend their song "Burnin' Up"! It's great!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Twilight and Eagle Eye, and a little Shia...

So, I know what all you are thinking, Katie has another blog? Well, it's mainly because, I want to use my other blog strictly for my design stuff, you know a portfolio. So, hence I thought I should create another blog for all my other crap/nonsense...or perhaps treasures? I guess it's all in the perspective that you see it in. What I consider nonsense, or what I may even consider treasures may be taken completely different to any of you....so...Enjoy, or perhaps leave, if it doesn't interest you. Either way, enjoy...lol.

The first thing I want to post is two movie trailers of movies I cannot wait to see...like you have no idea, I'm so excited. And just fyi, if shia's in it, I'll probably post it on here, because I love his movies, and yea he's awesome. So enjoy!!!

Twilight movie

teaser trailer #1

teaser trailer #2

Eagle Eye and shia!