Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Most recent Adventures...Allstar Weekend

On my Birthday, I went to see Allstar Weekend in Downtown Disney. It was my first time seeing the guys since they were signed to Hollywood Records. They were sooo good, performed 4 songs from their debut album "Suddenly" acoustically. Then hung out with some of the fans in their meet n greet. :) Good job guys, and congrats! And thanks for signing my CD. :)

Here's a flashback to when I first met Zach over a year and a half ago :)

Then it was off to the Roxy on Thursday to see them perform their Record Release Show at the Roxy in Hollywood we got there early to wait, and their were annoying girls standing next to us, but otherwise, it was fun. Here's some of the best shots. :)

Cameron <3 he liked to move...very energetic. :)
Zach. <3 <3
Inside the Roxy, we had to take a pic from above, due to how packed it was! :D
Waiting outside...the guys stopped by for a few min.
Zach. My favorite shot of the night!

And Lastly, the meet n greet. Got hugs from the guys :) Awesome night...Thanks girls for coming with me!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010. Recent Journey and Life

So, everyone I know it's been a while. I am typing this since I am getting internet in my apartment. :) Don't worry it's legal. I think. haha. So heres an update on my life since I've moved back down to the OC. I have been only getting about 20 hours a week. Which is not fun and causing me to trust in the Lord daily for finances and time managment. I have failed to do much. but this week I got out of the apartment for two days. On Tuesday I went to an acoustic Allstar Weekend show at Downtown Disney. It was fun to see them, since I have followed them since before they were signed by Hollywood Records. They rocked it. Then I saw them again on Thursday, (that was planned months ago) at the Roxy for their Record Release Party. It was awesome! And they are really good you all should check them out! Their debut CD "suddenly" is out now. :)

On a Spiritual note...

I have found a church that I love. I have met many folks. And it's been such a blessing to find a church so quickly and getting to know some of the believers too. :) It's Sovereign Grace Orange County. They meet in a small complex in Irvine, so it's only about 20 min away from me. They also meet at 10 am, which is nice since I often work til late in the night on Saturdays. :) I feel so thankful for finding this church. It is truly a blessing. I have talked to some of the young adults, and found out about when they meet. Today, and once a month, they gather at a park after church for lunch and fellowship. So I spent a couple hours talking, (which i love to do, as most of you know) and getting to know some of the congregation. Thank you to all of you that were praying I find a group of believers to worship with and fellowship with. I am so grateful and thankful! Praise to Jesus Christ.

I'll try to keep you posted on any other adventures I go on while I am here on Earth, and in Orange County. My friends from Disney and one of the girls from church, who also works at Disney, have some ideas for other fun activities. Next one we hope to do is hike to the Hollywood Sign. I'll let you know if I do. :) Peace and Love! till next time <3