Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, I realized I have neglected this blog of mine, I hope to be better about it now, especially since part of my resolution for February is to journal more. So, here is my update on the last month, as briefly as possible. First, my resolutions for the month of January were to try to read my Bible more regularly and to not listen or watch anything Disney. No Disney music. No Disney Channel. and yes, No Disneyland. However, I began the month late, on January 2, so it seemed fitting to make the month last till February 2. However, I also went to a concert on the 29th, and Disneyland on the 30(due to prior commitment) so I extended the Disney to the 4th. Some of my close friends, mentioned they could not go a month without listening to Disney music or watching Disney channel or movies. They also asked why I was doing this. I will tell you. I chose to not have any "Disney" in my life because amazingly enough, it causes me to be more emotional. It causes me to dwell on the aspects of my life, specifically singleness and the discontent I too often feel about it, that make me emotional and make it harder to be content. Disney adds drama to my life, its also an idol of mine, therefore, it is wrong to indulge myself so much with it. This is the reason I gave it up for the month. If you don't understand, I'd love to explain it further. Just ask <3

In summary...
It was easier to go without Disney than I thought, especially at first, because all I wanted was to not focus on the worldly drama and "sin" that was entangling me. The many thoughts that were not focusing on the Lord. And not having this stuff in my life, really did help my emotional state. If I thought about the drama in my life, I directed it to the Lord, instead of fueling the emotions with more to let me fall further into the emotional state of being. It got harder about week 3, because I felt I was doing better, and really wanted to watch Disney movies. etc. But, thats why its called discipline. Now, the 5th I had a Disney day, but I definitely think it's less of an idol than it was before. I'll keep you posted on this ongoing battle against idolatry and worldliness. =D But I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Savior for helping me everyday and for giving me life. for this I will continue to praise Him, through life's blessings and trials. Praise to the Lord.