Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience Premiere!

The El Capitan Theatre!
So...I went to my first Hollywood movie premiere!!! Finally!!! It was a long day. Me and Ana Paula got to the El Capitan theatre on Hollywood Boulevard at about 11:30. And to our dissappointment, there were already a ton of fans there. But no worries, we found spots in front of the "Guest check in" sign. Which we later would find out was where the celebs would be dropped off. (Well some of them :( )

We then got to wait for 5.5 hours till celebs started to arrive. However, it was still pretty fun! We actually saw Justin Long driving in front of us, stopped at the stop light! He waved to us!!!

Then, the moment came. 5:00 came around. It was finally time for the celebs to start arriving. Most of them got dropped off at the purple carpet. So we didn't see any of the big artists. :( However, we got to see Allyson Stoner. I got her autograph! We also saw Megan from Camp Rock, Chelsea Staub, Honor Society, Jordan Pruitt, Jason Dolly, and Brenda Song (she was a late arrival).
Megan from Camp Rock
Brenda Song
Honor Society

Allyson Stoner

Now, for the moment of truth. The Jonas Brothers arrived quite early. They drove past us. And Kevin rolled down the window and waved to us!!! I saw Nick next to him. But then they had moved on. They stopped at the purple carpet, and then Kevin stood up with the door open and waved to the fans!!! That was all we saw them. (Other than for two seconds when they stepped off the carpet for some reason. And we didn't know for sure if it was them) But that was the ONLY time I saw Joe, and I didn't even get to see his face! Just his back.. :( (But I'd know that hair anywhere!!!)
I know its hard to see, but Joe's there, and Kevin too (look for the hair)

Then that was it.

We were about to leave, but when we were leaving the new and undiscovered band Allstar was hanging out. We got to meet them, take some pics and get their autographs. That was cool! They were hott! Well Zach
Zach from Allstar!!! Hes hott!

So, although it turned out to be a disappointment, it was still fun. I'm here for 6 more months, so I'm sure they'll be other opportunites to meet them! At least I hope. Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Top 5

So, my two best friends both made top 5 here's my top 5 male celebrities!!!! (It was much easier then I thought it'd be.)

1. Joseph Adam Jonas

Yes, call me the stereotypical girl all you want. That I'm like every single teenage girl in America. I don't care. I love him. Why? He sings, dances, plays guitar, dresses amazing, is a Christian, wears a purity ring, has AMAZING hair and many other amazing things! Who cares if he breaks up with Taylor Swift over the telephone?!? Plus I love feeling like I'm in Jr. High again sometimes. :) And I love that in a world encompassed by sex, he and his brothers bring clean, wholesome music and lifestyles to the youth of the world!!! :)

  • Keep rockin' it Joe!!!

2. Shia Labeouf
Well, you all find this to be no surprise I'm sure. But I am proud to say I've been a fan of Shia since he played the nerdy class clown Lewis in "Even Stevens", and the Mentally Retarded Eddie in "Tru Confessions", as well as Stanley Yelnats in the movie "Holes"Then you all fell in love with him later. But I have loved him and seen his potential since way before he was in Transformers and Disturbia. I know he'll continue to have me watching him in the future. Because he, in my opinion, is an amazing actor!!! And has made the transition from 'child star' to adult actor very well!

3. Robert Pattinson
Yep, I know, me and every girl in the world...again. I don't care. I mean three words: Dazzling, Vampire, British. He intrigues me with his British accent, and gorgeous hair. (even if he cut it all off). I think he's going to prove a successful career in Hollywood. Even if he doesn't, I'll watch Twilight so many times you wouldn't think it was possible!!! :) And if I get tired of that, I'll watch him die (beautifully) in Harry Potter over and over again! :)

4. Leonardo Dicaprio
I love Leo. Yes, I was one of those teeny-boppers who fell in love with him during Growing Pains. But he is no longer "just a pretty face". Leo is and always will be one of my favorite actors of all time! He picks amazing films from the Departed to Titanic (hey you know you love that movie) and does well in every role he plays. He is brilliant at dying over and over, in almost all the movies he's in, and does so looking as gorgeous as ever. But his movies always make me cry, and are sooo powerful. I love Leo!

5. Kirk Cameron
I didn't only fall in love with Leo on Growing Pains, but also Kirk Cameron. But since Growing Pains I have learned to love and respect him even more!!! He rose above the downfall that so many child stars fell into, and found the One who makes all things new, Jesus Christ!!! And his work that he does with The Way of The Master inspires me, and encourages me in so many ways! And I will always love his films. They always have a message to go with them, and inspire. Thanks Kirk!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Disney days with Home friends

So, I've been blessed over the course of the month to go to Disneyland many times. (Probably like 10 times, not kidding). But about two weeks into my time hear, I got to go to the park with Linell for her birthday! We got to act like little kids all day! It was stupendous! We went on Dumbo, and all the little kid rides!!! (Which might I ad are not 'kid' rides!!!) They are dark!!! It was not very busy that day, so we got to go on tons of rides. We even left the park at like 3 because we were content with how many rides we'd been on, and since it was free, we didn't care!

Then on Friday, I was able to go to Disneyland with the Micus! It was so fun, and such a blessing to have them in town. It made me happy to have something of home here! The day began kind of wet, because it was poaring down rain. But the rain ceased for most of the afternoon, only coming down again right before we left the park. But the weather made for a slow day at the park, with very short lines!!! We were there for a long time, the kids had quite a bit of energy. But I'm so glad I got to go with them and help them get the whole family in for a reasonable price!!! :) Heres some pics from that Amazing Day!

The longest line of the day was to meet the princesses!!!

It's tough to be a bug!!

It was Nay Nay's Birthday! (She turned 3) Toy Story Mania

Sunday, February 1, 2009

When times get hard

So. I thought I'd update you all on what's going on in my life at Disneyland, or spiritually. Everything. (I'll try to keep it short, but with me, who knows if that'll happen.) So here it is. Work's been going pretty well. It's been getting way less stressful, as I get more comfortable driving and interacting with the guests. So work, is getting very enjoyable now that I know what I'm doing more and more each day.

So, before I go into the next part, I feel that it's important for me to add a scripture that relates to what I'm going through, and what helps me when times are hard. I go to this passage often, and have even committed it to memory. So here it is...

Hebrews 12:1-2 "Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God."

So...I have had a week of weeks. You name it, it probably happened. So the first part of this week went rather splendid. I met some new people. Got to know some others, talked to home friends. And my mom came out here on Tuesday and Wednesday to see me. We went shopping and then, since I got my blue card to get guests into the park for free, we went to the park for a few hours on Wednesday. My mom left that night, and I relaxed at home. Thursday at work, I was tired (from staying up to late), but the day was pretty good nonetheless.

Then came Friday. I had to begin work at 8:45. But after getting to the parking lot, when I went to delete my month's worth of texts, my phone decided to turn off, and not turn back on. So I had to call the att people and get everything figured out. And short story, they're sending me a new phone it should be here on Tuesday.

So, thankful that I had that behind me, I came to work bright and early, at 7 am on Saturday morning. The day went well. I had G.C. Which meant, a whole day of interacting with guests in the line. No DRIVING!!! I was excited. The weather was hot, but the work was not bad. But, on my way out of the parking lot. My car got backed into. YEP. Fun. Luckily, my car isn't hurt too badly, but I can't say the same for hers. So that was stressful.

I decided to burn off some steam by going to the park with Kelsey. We waited in line for Space Mountain for 45 minutes. And then came home.
And then today. It was good. I had a great day at work, other than having to be at work at 7:30, and showing up early, because I thought I worked at 7. But today was good. I read James 2 and 3. And it was what I needed yet again. I'm hoping to practice the art of silence. Yes, it will be difficult, since I talk a lot. But I know I need to watch my tongue. So I'm praying that God can help give me the discipline I need to achieve being "slow to speak". I love you all and miss you dearly! Best wishes and happy day to you all!