Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions 2010

So. I've found that when making resolutions it's best not to make too many cuz then one or all of them fail. So this year, I'm making monthly resolutions. Spiritual, physical, emotional you name it. That way instead of three large resolutions like more spiritual, more fit, better time management I'm picking little disciplines and goals for each month that'll hopefully help the overall big resolutions I make every year. And each month i have one thing that i meed to discipline not to do and one that I'll do with that time instead. If that makes sense? Then hopefully each month some of that discipline will transfer over to the next month. Well see. :-) here's what I have so far...


•emotional-no Disney music/channel/land

•spiritual- more scripture/theological reading


•physical- less soda

•spiritual- journaling


•physical- no fast food

•spiritual- prayer and prayer journal

•professional- portfolio


•physical-sit ups/work out



•physical- no facebook

•spiritual- memorization

•Professional-Job/internship search