Monday, February 21, 2011


So, Here, I am posting one of the poem's/songs i wrote about a certain celeb boy who I def respected. This boy (media-wise) has been falling away and its heartbreaking to me. This poem expresses how it feels when people change, and how its silly to trust people, but also how silly it is to look up to someone sooo much. Not only silly, but it's idolatry. so hope you like it.

I told them they didn't understand
But I never planned
On you becomming what they all are
People left with ugly scars
That although different, they are still the same
Now you're just one in a long list of names
Who have let what thy want
Cancel out what you once knew to be true
Now you're all soiled and used
Lost what made you you
I can't bear to see you ruin it all
And sit back and watch you fall
The boy I used to respect
I no longer can detect

Boy i thought you had it all,
thought you'd rise above
the "hollywood life" and not fall
but you grew up

you used to sing about eternity,
and soaring above,
but now, the boy I used to love,
used to respect
is now just like all the rest

i know we all make mistakes,
but yours are scatterd all over the place
leaving the ones who respected you
left with not knowing what to do
not knowing who is real
and who is the whole deal
"i am what i am" is what you used to say
but somewhere along the way you changed.

goodbye boy, i was stupid to idolize you the way i did.
when i should've known it'd end like this.
should've known it couldn't last
and now all the time that's passed
means nothing

but now it's time for me to be the bigger one,
time will tell for the things you have done
i thought you'd be someone i could always respect
but now i'll be haunted by what's left

a boy who let the world take him down
now your voice is just a sound
of yet another one who fell apart
when you used to follow your heart
and stick to the faith you said you had
yet now seems gone, and thats sad.

i will find peace in one thing
that i still know who im serving
that i won't let the world pull me in,
and hold me down

i hope some day you'll come back around
but boy i can't look at you the same,
now you're just one in a long list of names
of people who all live life for your own pleasure
as if that's the real treasure.

know that i won't hang around,
or listen to the sound
and watch you live your life this way,
i can't think of anymore words to say.

hopefully you'll come around again someday..

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