Monday, August 30, 2010

New Journey: Part 4-Moving

Hey everyone I know you all heard I moved into my own apartment. This is probably the most nerve racking and scary experience I have had yet. Yet it is also exciting. I have no idea where I'll be in three months let alone a year, so I am blessed that this apartment is a month to month, hence no lease required. =D I am technically calling this my first apartment since in the Disney College Program, I was given an apartment, and didn't have to do any looking or finding roomates. But you all know all about my Disney College Program experience. This is my post-college-trying-to-figure-life-out-and-moving-forward experiences. I will make this short and sweet since I am typing this at starbucks, since I have no internet, or electricity in my apartment yet. (Which hopefully we will have the second as of tomorrow, otherwise we will be roughing it for a few days.)

I'll take more pics later, when we're all moved in. =D My parents came and brought most of my stuff but we still need alot of stuff..and of course electricity. If anyone has anything they don't need by the way, we might be happy to take it off your hands. =D So here's the pics, as of now...from my iphone. (which is also charging here at starbucks, since I can't charge it at home yet).

my bedroom =D

the full bathroom

our kitchen (didn't come with the fridge my parents bought it =D)

living room

dining room and balcony

and our living room (gas fireplace which is proving to help without electricity for light =D)

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